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Bright Inventions is a team of excellent developers dedicated to delivering first-rate mobile platforms. Since our founding in 2011 we've worked with clients from a range of industries with diverse requirements always delivering high quality mobile solutions that they can depend on.

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Recent Posts

ReactiveCocoa UI bindings with Rex


Today, we will take a closer look at Rex - ReactiveCocoa extensions. I find Rex pretty helpful when working with ReactiveCocoa, especially creating UI bindings.

ReactiveCocoa 4 - CocoaActions


CocoaAction is a wrapper around Action type that is available in ReactiveCocoa. (Here you can read more about Action). We use CocoaAction to bind our Actions to GUI controls. Let's see a quick example of how it works.

ReactiveCocoa 4 - Events


Understanding signal events in ReactiveCocoa is a must. We can't effectively use signals and signal producers if we don't know what will happen after certain event is received. We distinguish two kinds of events that you can send through signals - terminating and non-terminating. There are three kinds of terminating events: Failed, Interrupted, Completed, and one non-terminating - Next.

Open source by default


Using open source code in projects is a common thing. I do it. Most of us do. But what is "open source" by default? Well, I've heard about this for the first time at MCE Conf 2016 - "Open by default" panel. It's an idea to make software open by default and close it only if needed. There are many reasons to close it of course, but sometimes we do it unnecessarily.