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Bright Inventions is a team of excellent developers dedicated to delivering first-rate mobile platforms. Since our founding in 2011 we've worked with clients from a range of industries with diverse requirements always delivering high quality mobile solutions that they can depend on.

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Recent Posts

ReactiveSwift - Manage your memory!


Memory management is a pretty important issue when talking about any kind of system. You can't pretend that your resources are unlimited, and give them out no matter what. When working with ReactiveSwift it's really easy to fall into the pit of wasted resources if you don't follow simple rules.

ReactiveCocoa UI bindings with Rex


Today, we will take a closer look at Rex - ReactiveCocoa extensions. I find Rex pretty helpful when working with ReactiveCocoa, especially creating UI bindings.

ReactiveCocoa 4 - CocoaActions


CocoaAction is a wrapper around Action type that is available in ReactiveCocoa. (Here you can read more about Action). We use CocoaAction to bind our Actions to GUI controls. Let's see a quick example of how it works.