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Bright Inventions is a team of excellent developers dedicated to delivering first-rate mobile platforms. Since our founding in 2011 we've worked with clients from a range of industries with diverse requirements always delivering high quality mobile solutions that they can depend on.

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Recent Posts

3D Touch - Peak&Pop feature.

iOS, swift, 3d touch

In my previous post I wrote about adopting UIApplicationShortcutItems in your app. Now it’s time to implement Peak&Pop - a feature provided by 3d Touch.

3D Touch - Adopting shortcut items to your app.

iOS, swift, 3d touch

With the beginning of the iPhone 6s, Apple has introduced a 3D Touch mechanism which is very cool thing. The 3D Touch is also available on the newest iPhones 7. Nothing indicates that in the future Apple devices will run out of that feature so, here is a quick tutorial on how to improve your app using the one of the three main features of 3D Touch.

PureLayout vs NSLayoutAnchor - Great confrontation


Last week I’ve made basic comparison between two libraries that will help you layout your interfaces - PureLayout and SnapKit. You can find this comparison here. Today I’d lake to take the same examples and see how they work with NSLayoutAnchor. NSLayoutAnchor is available to us since iOS 9 and provides us with a new way of creating your constraints. If you do not like creating NSLayoutConstraints using it’s initializers or visual format, and do not want any external dependencies for your layout, then NSLayoutAnchor is for you!